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Multi Factor Authentication

​What Is Multi Factor Authentication? (Please note in order to access any of the links you must login)

Multi Factor Authentication adds a critical second layer of security to user sign-ins and transactions. It works by requiring two or more verification methods for your account (usually password and mobile phone).

It is being rolled out to all GMIT staff and students in order to protect user accounts and provide increased security for all. 

Setting up Multi Factor

  • The next time you log into a GMIT resource (Email, OneDrive, Sharepoint etc) you will be asked to provide contact details (mobile or landline telephone number). This device will be used to prove your identity when you access web resources while outside GMIT.
  • This process only needs to be completed once and should be familiar to anyone with a Gmail or Hotmail account. It is outlined step by step HERE.
  • When you next access GMIT resources while outside the institute you will receive a text or phone call to the number provided, this information along with your password will be required to proceed.
  • After you have been signed up for MFA you will notice no difference when logging in to GMIT resources within the Institute (PC, Learnonline, Email, WiFi).

The following video shows you the process when you next login to GMIT resources from outside the Institute.

Benefits of MFA?

  • Adds extra layer of security to your account using the highest industry standards.
  • Multiple ways of resetting your account in the event of forgotten passwords.
  • Reduce the number of SPAM emails received by you and your collleagues in GMIT.
  • Easily set up with just a few simple clicks.

Extra Features